Services Included In Commercial Pressure Washing

Services Included in Commercial Pressure Washing

In this post we will discuss services included in commercial pressure washing.  When you want to improve the looks and maintenance of your property and establishment, whether it be a residential house or a commercial structure and the surrounding land, you should consider hiring a commercial pressure washing service. Often, this can improve the looks of everything from parking lots and driveways to fences and roofs.

When everything is clean, then you can evaluate if you need more paint or any surface treatments to restore the newness to your property for your own pleasure and to improve resale value. Before you hire any company, talk to at least three people for whom they’ve done work to know if they’re good and trustworthy.


Here are some things pressure-washing companies will wash for your business:


To make the entrance to your business or home or anywhere that your customers or guests may wander look great, it may be a good idea to consider pressure washing your sidewalks and other walkways. This will provide a deep cleaning that will penetrate the surface and clear away a lot of environmental build-ups that has discolored or weakened it. You don’t want your sidewalks to crack and need to repair them, so this cost-effective alternative can preserve them for years to come.

Concrete and Driveways

Many driveways are made of concrete, which is a resistant material that can endure a lot. But to keep it looking good, you should power clean it regularly. Since concrete is porous, the surface gets dirty as the tiny holes accumulate dirt, oil, mold, and bacteria. 

If you get it pressure cleaned, this will remove mold, mildew, and other stains, getting you the results that you wanted all along. They will have equipment with a rotary head for deep-cleaning, better than you can rent or buy, typically. They will use the right chemicals and sealants that can get the surface as clean as possible and preserve it so that it looks new and stays that way for a long time.

Commercial Building Exteriors

If some building materials like brick are left unwashed, they can deteriorate over time and need repair or replacement, which can be quite costly. All the bird droppings, mold, algae, and mildew will build up over time and your exterior will look faded and dingy. Worse yet, it can compromise the structure if things like concrete and brick start crumbling. Also, layers of dirt and mild can trap moisture leading to rust and water damage problems later on. Pressure washing regularly can stop these problems in their tracks before they worsen. 

If you hire a washing company to maintain your building’s façade, this will increase the property value of your building. It will also improve the health and safety conditions of the building for its occupants and keep repairs to a minimum, saving you time and money. So, although hiring a pressure washing company is an added expense, it will be more cost-effective than not having them.

Decks and Fences

You’ve invested in building a deck and having a fence that is made out of something other than metal. You want to keep them in good repair and looking and functioning well. Keeping them regularly cleaned and treated with proper sealants will preserve the paint or stain and then you won’t have to redo them or repair them for a long time. Regular cleaning of your deck and fences will make them last a lot longer for you to enjoy and to keep you and your belongings and pets secure. It’s worth the investment.

Roofing Structures

Be careful with roofs. The type of washing you should do depends on the material. High-pressure water can damage asphalt shingles, tiles, and some cedar shakes, especially if older and have been compromised by weather. Pressure washing should only be done with metal or concrete roofs. A “soft washing” technique that is minimally invasive is very effective to clean with eco-friendly chemicals that kill mold, mildew, and roof-degrading bacteria. The cleaners used will also remove dirt and grime. This will also leave a growth-inhibiting residue on the shingles that will prevent fungi growth.

Parking Garages and Parking Lots

Having a presentable place for your customers to park that is well-maintained should involve regular power washing of all surfaces to remove grime and dirt and restore them to their new quality they originally had. This will also prevent concrete and other materials from deteriorating, which will reduce the need for repair. The cost of maintenance of these surfaces for parking, surfaces that are often in the sun and regularly used by all sorts of vehicles, need TLC, and that’s what timely power washing will do. 

Commercial Power Washing Companies Can Pressure Wash Just About Anything!

As you can see, there is real value in hiring a pressure washing service for your remodeling or preservation project. It will improve the look and functionality of your investment for years to come.

If you are looking for an excellent commercial pressure washing company in NJ, choose Premium Projects Exterior Cleaning.  They offer residential power washing services in addition to their industrial and commercial pressure washing services.  Reach out to them if you have a question about commercial pressure washing in NJ.

We hope you now know more about the services included in commercial pressure washing and hope you enjoyed our blog post.

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