When Is The Best Time To Power Wash Your Deck?

When Is The Best Time To Power Wash Your Deck?

The best time to pressure wash your deck is during the spring or summer. Spring and summer is the time of year when it’s dry and sunny outside and it’s an optimal time to power wash your deck. In addition, doing power washing in the summer or spring allows you to get a thorough clean without having to worry about moisture getting in and damaging the wood.

Benefits Of Pressure Washing Your Deck During The Spring Or Summer Months

Pressure washing your deck during spring and summer offers a wide range of benefits. For starters, it can help to remove the buildup of dirt and debris that accumulates over time. Pressure washing can also remove the unsightly gray streaks from mildew and algae that form on decks due to poor ventilation, high humidity, or other environmental conditions.

Another great benefit of pressure washing your deck during the spring and summer months is that it can help to restore its original color. Pressure washing can remove the dull, faded appearance caused by UV rays, dirt, and other types of weathering. This can make your deck look like new again.

Additionally, pressure washing your deck during the spring and summer months can help to reduce its susceptibility to mold, mildew, and other forms of deterioration. By removing dirt and debris from the surface of your deck, you’ll be making it much easier for water to evaporate quickly after a rain, reducing the chances that mold or mildew will form.

You May Also Want To Consider Cleaning Your Deck During Autumn

Cleaning your deck in autumn months can also be beneficial and can often cost a lot less than doing it during peak season. This is because power washing will keep the debris from winter off of your deck and make sure that it is in the best condition possible. In addition, most pressure washing companies offer excellent discounts during slower months when there is not as much business. Considering pressure washing your deck during autumn may be ideal if you’d like to save money on the service.

Benefits Of Pressure Washing Your Deck During Autumn

One of the best times to pressure wash your deck is during the fall. Here are some of the main advantages:


Pressure washing can help to thoroughly clean up the deck and remove dirt, debris, and pollen that has accumulated during the summer months. It also helps to get rid of stubborn mold or mildew that is often difficult to scrub away with a brush or mop.

Brighten Up Appearance:

A major benefit of power washing – whether it be during fall or any other time – is to brighten up the appearance of your deck

Removal of Algae, Moss and Mold:

During the summer months, it’s common for algae, moss and mold to accumulate on decks due to moisture in the air. Pressure washing can help remove these growth

Hire Premium Projects Exterior Cleaning

It’s important to note that while pressure washing can be a great way to clean your deck, you should never apply too much pressure or use chemicals as these can cause damage to the wood. For optimal results, it’s best to hire a professional to do the job for you. This will ensure that your deck will look great and you won’t have any problems that may arise if you try to do the pressure washing yourself.

Premium Projects Exterior Cleaning is a New Jersey pressure washing company. We offer both residential and commercial pressure washing, and can help you with all of your power washing needs.

Please give Premium Projects Exterior Cleaning a call or contact us for a quote at your convenience if you’d like some assistance pressure washing your deck!  You should now better understand when is the best time to power wash your deck and we wish you all the best!

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